Jul 27, 2008

New in my stash

Liked the colour, liked the price! Just got 13 skeins yesterday and already in progress. The yarn is a blend of linen and rayon and makes a nice texture.

How my week-end started

The new VK was in my post-box. And I bought the new ONLine at the local supermarket. The only thing I didn't like about VK is, that I get the international issue, and the model on the cover is different from that on the US cover. Why? Is that bulky dress more appealing to international knitters? I heard, VK will be published in Russian for the first time. Is that the reason (to suit russian taste?)

The ONLine issue is o.k. but I need to take a closer look at it.

Jul 19, 2008

Lace Top

Here is my lace top, knitted from almost 4 skeins of Toccata by Lana Grossa. The pattern is from Verena 2-2008, customized for my size and gauge. I'm not happy with the length, but maybe it's a whim. Hope, the summer isn't gone completely...

Jul 17, 2008

Just to practice my English

Hi, I'm Stricky. I've started blogging here to practise my English and keep track of my knits.
I knit since November 2005. Well, at school my mom taught me how to cast-on, knit and pearl. But I started (and finished) my first project in 2005.
As for languages, I speak Russian (native), German (because I live in Germany) and English (studied long time ago, and almost forgot:-)